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Aquarium Construction Canberra

aquarium construction

Capital Aquatics constructs all of our custom aquariums and aquarium stands in our own warehouse. We work with your specifications and plans to create unique pieces specially made to meet your needs. We can use our joiners and cabinet makers to complete your aquarium facade or we can work with your own tradesmen.

At Capital Aquatics we can create aquariums to just about any size and shape, Limited only by your imagination.

Once built we install and set up all of our own aquariums. We also design and install complete filtration and lighting systems to compliment our aquariums.

Our services also include the design and installation of the internal aquarium decoration known as "Aquascaping". We can complete the setup by supplying and introducing livestock including live fish, live plants and corals.

Contact us to discuss your aquarium construction ideas today.

Aquarium Services Include...

  • Aquarium design
  • Custom aquariums
  • Custom applications
  • Aquarium Construction
  • Aquarium Decoration
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Delivery and installation
  • Removal or relocation
  • Liaising with Architects and Builders
  • Production of detailed working drawings
  • Supply and introduction of fish, plants and corals
  • Supply and installation of filtration and lighting

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